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Multifunctional Sports complex with a 50-meter swimming pool "Dynamo Vodny Stadium"

Moscow, Leningradskoe Shosse 39, p.53, metro Vodny Stadium
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Sports Complex "Dynamo Vodny Stadium” with a 50-meter swimming pool offers the best opportunities for physical activity, sport and healthy recreation.

Sports complex " Dynamo Vodny Stadium” opened in April for the 90th anniversary of the Society" Dynamo ".

Sports Complex " Dynamo Vodny Stadium” includes:
• 50 -meter swimming pool
• multipurpose sports facility
• fencing facility
• wrestling gym and martial arts
• gym
• outdoor football fields with the ultimate generation artificial grass
• Beach Sports Center (beach soccer / beach volleyball, ets)
• winter-time skating ring 

50х25 m swimming pool "Dynamo Vodny Stadium” provides opportunities for both training and competition at various levels, and for the mass of improving swimming.

Options of swimming pool:
• length of the pool - 50 m, width 25 m
• 10 swimming lanes
• depth of 2.20 m
• water temperature + 27-28 ° C
• spacious locker rooms and showers
• underwater lighting
• underwater acoustics
• each lane with 2 sides is equipped with the starting platform
• markings for swimming, men’s and women's water polo, ability to markup of 25 m swimming lanes
• electronic timing system AlgeTiming SWIM- 2000 
• swimming pool equipped with an on-line television broadcasts with individual commentator booths
• video screen 4x3m
• spectators stand (658 sites; 4 sectors, 8 rows) 

Panoramic windows offer views at the Khimki artificial Lake and the landscaped grounds of the Vodny Stadium.

Multi-level water purification system with ultraviolet light. The quality of water in the pool corresponds with the drinking standard, has no allergic and irritant effect.

To visit the pool the medical certificate is required. Preschool and primary school children are required the results of parasitological surveys on enterobiasis and yaytseglist. Visitors over 14 years old can apply for medical certificate right at the sports complex in the health center “MGO Dynamo”.

For you:
• mass recreation swimming (45 minutes session)
• aqua aerobics
• individual swimming lessons with a qualified trainer (swimming techniques , different styles of swimming , improving swimming technique, ets )
• swimming for children
• water polo for children
• synchronized swimming for children  

Open hours:       
Mon-Fri 07:00 - 22:00, sanitary hour - 13:45 - 14:30
Saturday 08:30 - 22:00, sanitary hour - 13:45 - 14:30  
Sunday   08:30 - 18:15 hours with no sanitary  

  • 45 minutes session - 400 rub.
  • pass for 8 visits the pool (valid for 30 days)   -  3000 rub.
  • pass for 12 visits the pool (valid for 30 days) -  4400 rub. 
  • pass for 24 visits the pool (valid for 90 days) -  8800 rub.
  • passs for 36 visits the pool (valid for 90 days) - 12600 rub.
  • individual class with an instructor in the pool - 2000 rub./session

For showtimes mass recreational swimming please ask at the reception:
(495) 981-60-71

Multyfunctional sports facility of Sports Complex "Dynamo Vodny Stadium” is a great playground for mini football, volleyball, basketball, badminton and tennis.

Options of the multifunctional sports facility:
• the size 30х18m , height 8 m
• professional carpet grabofleks 6 mm reduces the risk of injury 
• layout for sports ( mini football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis)
• mini-football gateway
• farms for basketball
• racks and nets for volleyball, badminton , tennis 
• balls, pumps for pumping balls , racquets needed to be brought
• use of changing rooms with lockers , showers is included
• discounted outdoor parking (two hours – free, for each additional hour – 50 rubles) for the players

The rental fee is  7 a.m. - 3 p.m    - 3000 rub. / hour 
                            3 p.m. - 11 p.m. - 3500 rub./hour

The given prices are for training. For corporative activities fee please call  
(495) 981-60-72, mob. 903-121-49-74.

Exercise fencing facility "Dynamo Vodny Stadium” is equipped with modern tracks (6 pieces) and signal devices. It poseted spacious locker rooms and howers, inventory room, exhibition of history and achievements of the fencing club. In the fencing facility are classes for children, adults and veterans fencing. 
The children have been taking to the groups of the following fencing weapons - epee, women's foil and saber, which  works with highly qualified teachers. Boys and girls have a nice opportunity to learn fencing and also enjoy the 50 - meter swimming pool. 

Fencing Club "Dynamo-Moscow " is one of the most famous fencing schools in Russia and in the world. More than 100 champions of Olympic, European, World, Universiade and national championships were grown up here.

The rental fee is 500 rub. / hour/ court

The given prices are for training. For corporative activities fee please call  
(495) 981-60-72, mob. 903-121-49-74.

Fighting and martial arts facility "Dynamo Vodny Stadium”
• the size 37х9 m
• 4 sites : 2 tatami, 2 wrestling mats
• punching bag 6 pcs. 80 kg
• makivary 6 pcs
• wrestling dummies weighing 30 to 90 kg
• isolated showers and changing rooms

The rental fee is 1000 rub. / hour/ site 

The given prices are for training. For corporative activities fee please call
(495) 981-60-72, mob. 903-121-49-74.

Gym "Dynamo Vodny Stadium” has an area of 80 sq.m. equipped with professional power and cardio-equipment. The air conditioning system is doing a workout in the gym comfortable. It offers treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers and
strength machines of SportArts fitness professional line. The distinctive features of this brand are the use of kevlar belt instead of a cable, a luxury design , high-quality upholstery , covers gruzoblokov. The gym has an excellent new generation rowing machine of Johnson W8000. The use of the impeller makes the workout soft, with a slight movement of the air - complete simulation of real rowing. Workout on Johnson W8000 can work out all the major muscle groups. It also helps to efficiently burn calories and improves overall health, increases oxygen consumption and increases endurance muscles of the neck and shoulders.

The rental fee is 2500 rub. / hour
 single visit -        400 rub./hour

The given prices are for training. For corporative activities fee please call   
(495) 981-60-72, mob. 903-121-49-74.    

Outdoor football fields with the ultimate generation of artificial grass and lighting. Football fields " Dynamo Vodny Stadium" operates all seasons 365 days a year.

For you:
• open football field 60x30 meters  
• open mini-football field 42x24 m 
• locker rooms and showers located next to the indoor sports complex  

The football fields " Dynamo Vodny Stadium" is a convenient place to host tournaments, championships and corporate events.

Open hours: 9.00 - 22.00

The rental fee is 6500 rub. / hour/ open football field 60x30 m
The rental fee is 5000 rub. / hour/ open mini-football field 42x24 m

The given prices are for training. For corporative activities fee please call 
(495) 981-60-72, mob. 903-121-49-74.

The Beach Sports Centre "Dynamo Vodny Stadium"
June 13, 2013 on the Vodny Stadium in Moscow, was official open of the Beach Sports Centre " Dynamo Vodny Stadium". The event was timed to the beginning of the Russian tour of the beach volleyball championship (June,13-16, 2013). The idea to unite all beach sports created more than a year ago, and resulted as a perfect platform for all beach sports disciplines. 
A specially quartz sand was official certified by the International Federation of Volleyball.

• beach Volleyball (2 courts , 32x42m )
• fixed grandstand for 500 seats, summer time stands  - 3500 seats
• beach volleyball (3 fields, 20х30m )
• lighting
• locker room, outdoor shower
• outdoor parking 

Beach volleyball and beach soccer facility are available for rent. Beach Sports Centre "Dynamo Vodny Stadium" is a convenient place to host tournaments, championships in various beach disciplines and corporate events.

In 2013 the Beach Sports Centre "Dynamo Vodny Stadium" hosted various tourmanents (beach football, beach volleyball, beach rugby, beach handball, beach tennis) as well as Russian Championship Super Final in beach football (July,17-21, 20130), tour of UEFA Europe League Beach Soccer (August,02-04, 2013), tour of the FIVB World Tour Beach Volleyball Grand Slam (August,21-25, 2013).  

Multifunctional Sports complex with a 50-meter swimming pool "Dynamo Vodny Stadium" is located in the northern part of Moscow in a picturesque area on the banks of the Khimki artificial Lake, seven minute walking distance from the Metro Vodny Stadium.

The Complex has convenient access from the Leningradskoe shosse, both in and out of the center. Entry into the territory of Dynamo Vodny Stadium is carried out under subscriptions and passes a standard form. In close are comfortable beach “Beach Club” and restaurants “Royl Bar” and “Vodny”.